The Souls of Black Girls

Dear black girl,
You are not a victim.
Dear black girl,
Don’t let anyone tell you what it means to be black; not even other black people.
You are not ‘pretty for a black girl’, or ‘smart for a black girl’.
You are pretty and you are smart.
Do not look at yourself through the eyes of others.
Instead, look into a mirror and marvel at the wonder that you are.
God did not make you an outcast or a stranger.
You were made in His image, and made fearfully and wonderfully.
Dear black girl, don’t ‘act white’.
Dear black girl, don’t ‘act black’.
Inside of you, there is more than a never ending duel between two battling souls.
You are one, not two. You are you.
Dear black girl, do not be content.
Make noise. LOUD noise.
And when they call you a ‘loud black girl’, thinking of it as an insult, just laugh.
They are only trying to smother the boldness, the strength, the confidence, radiating from your brown skin.
Dear black girl, who cares if they curse and spit on you?
They are only confused as to why you won’t just be quiet and settle for what you have.
But Dear black girl, what they do not know is that ‘settle’ is not in your vocabulary.
Do not settle.
Do not settle for less than what you deserve.
And black girl, you deserve the stars in the sky.
Dear black girl, do not depend on white people for success.
The white man does not open doors of opportunity for you, and likewise, neither does he close them.
Black girl, be bold.
Black girl, make waves.
Black girl, STAND UP!
There is no Veil.
Dear black girl, know who you are before they try to tell you.
Dear black girl, nothing can stop you.

Artwork by Sharon Wilson: BERMUDA-ART.COM
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2 thoughts on “The Souls of Black Girls

  1. This is a powerful work of art. This is going to one day allow a little black girl to understand just how powerful she is!


    1. Thanks for your support! Be sure to visit again and feel free to share!


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