The Implosion of the Black Family (2/3)

How Bill Clinton’s ‘War on Drugs’ Became the ‘War on Black Fathers’  

Earlier I made the (to some, depending on how woke you are) bold accusation that some of the problems destroying Black America aren’t the fault of Black America.

Here’s how it happened:  In the 1984 Presidential election, Republican Ronald Reagan won every state in the United States except for Minnesota. This catastrophic loss forced the Democratic Party to reinvent itself to be more competitive against Republicans by the time the next election rolled around. So the DNC, in an effort to understand what went wrong, sponsored a massive survey of 5,000 voters. In the survey, white southerners described the Democratic Party as the “give away party, giving white tax money to blacks and poor people”.

Between 1994 and 1999, two thirds of people sentenced to the death penalty were black.  Coincidentally, after Bill Clinton entered office he worked to make dozens of new crimes eligible for punishment by the death penalty. Also coincidentally, between 1994 and 1999, two thirds of people sentenced to the death penalty were black. It was as if the Democrats were working to prove to white southerners that they weren’t “the giveaway party” and that they weren’t afraid to punish black people. Under Clinton’s presidency, the Violent Crime Control and Law enforcement Act was passed. This legislation included plans to add 100,000 police to the streets and expansions to who could be eligible for life imprisonment and the death penalty. There was even legislation passed that made it legal to reject families who had applied for public housing if any one member of the family was suspected of having committed a drug crime. What this meant for black people was losing black fathers to prison, and often to life sentences and to the death penalty. It meant more homeless, struggling, single parent families; the result of a systematic effort by the Clinton Administration to visibly distance themselves from Black American interests, in order win over white voters. The sudden ‘enthusiasm’ that fueled the ‘War on Drugs’ is dog- whistle politics for the ‘War on Black Fathers’, the war on black families, and by default, the war on black people. These policies literally turned American prisons into immobile, modern slave ships that fractured black families and destroyed black communities indefinitely.

The Poison in Social Welfare Policies

“The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals’ expansion of the welfare state”.

                -Author, economist and philosopher Dr. Thomas Sowell  

Since the massive implementation of the welfare state by 1960s liberals, the incidence of single parent black families has increased from 22% in 1960, to 66% in 2015. The severity of many other issues that plague Black America today such as ghettos and violence has compounded since welfare policies became more widespread, especially under President Lyndon B. Johnson who first introduced the ‘War on Poverty’.

While the left thought they were doing us a favor, the lack of accountability applied to the distribution of welfare handouts have led black people to simply settle for less-than-great living situations. Poverty became a vicious cycle, following and haunting each subsequent generation. The further blacks fell behind economically, the less white people or wealthier citizens wanted to live near us. Redlining forced blacks out of certain communities and into others in the 1970s. There, crime increased as black families were left cut off from the rest of non-black America. The schools in these communities were subpar and poorly prepared students for success in college or otherwise. Once a family was on welfare, it was difficult for a parent to return to school because college classes do not count as ‘work’ and the family could lose access to welfare. This further fueled the cycle of dependency on the welfare state. So here we are: for many families, fathers are gone and higher education is out of the picture the mother. As far as the child goes, he is not being properly nor sufficiently educated in his local school.

Where is the incentive to work? There is none. There is only the incentive to rely on the government. A commonly used argument against socialism is that the safety net provided by the government will stifle the drive and determination to be self-made and work to the top on your own. If people already know that they are guaranteed to have enough money to survive, then why pursue higher education or strive for economic self-sufficiency? It is this logic that has prevented socialism from seeping into the infrastructure of American politics, yet the liberals of the 1960’s had no problem forcing it upon minority and lower class demographics 50 years ago.

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