The Killing of Gregory Noble

Thirty-three-year-old night watchman and father of two, Hunter Garrett finds himself under national scrutiny when an altercation with African-American teenager Gregory Noble, turns deadly. Though Hunter and his wife take steps to make the killing look like an act of self-defense, the incident garners nationwide attention from major news outlets and Black Lives Matter.

Samuel Noble, Gregory’s identical twin, is not only devastated by the death of his brother, but also doubts the ability of his Caucasian, adoptive parents to step outside of their white privilege and respond adequately to the tragedy.

The ritzy, and seemingly perfect life of Monay Davis, host of a popular morning talk show, is shattered when she learns of the death of Gregory Noble. Ashamed of her troubled past, and determined to keep painful memories out of the national spotlight, she struggles with the idea of making the nature of her relationship with the late Gregory Noble public.

Samuel, Monay and Hunter are connected in ways they would never guess–until it’s too late.

My debut novel, The Killing of Gregory Noble, will be released in July 2018. You can pre-order it here.



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